Term paper format

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The text of the term paper should have the following structure:

  • Title page
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction

The introduction should contain the following items:

The relevance of the topic suggests the rationale for the reasons behind the need for this study.

The degree of scientific elaboration of the problem is a review of domestic and foreign studies covering various aspects of the issue chosen by the student. In this section, the student must demonstrate awareness in the scientific direction selected, which should allow identifying aspects of the problem that remain outside the field of view of researchers. The names researchers are encouraged to list on the problematic principle, indicating their full initials. In footnotes, it is necessary to provide information about the publications of the listed researchers on the subject matter.

The object and subject of study are something that is directly studied in the course work. The object indicates what is being studied as a whole. The subject is isolated from the object and is the part to which the research is directly directed. For example, the object of the study is the electoral preferences of France voters. The subject of the study is the impact of the media on the formation of electoral preferences of France citizens during the election campaign in 2007.

The goal is the formulation of what should be achieved in the course of the study. The goal is closely related to the name of the work and the formulated problem, but it should not coincide with them. The goal is a thesis that should be disclosed to the content of the work.

The objectives of the study are the formulation of the stages of achieving the goal. Tasks allow you to reveal the goal and determine the structure of the work. The tasks cover both theoretical and practical aspects of the study.

The source base of the research is systematized facts with which the researcher deals. In this paragraph, you must specify the specific sources of factual information, the sampling criteria, the sample size, and its representativeness.

The theoretical and methodological base of the research is the research method of the author of the course work.