Term paper format

The text of the term paper should have the following structure: Title page Table of contents Introduction The introduction should contain the following items: The relevance of the topic suggests the rationale for the reasons behind the need for this study. The degree of scientific elaboration of the problem is a review of domestic and… Read more Term paper format

Term paper examples

When writing a term paper, you should use the scientific style of presentation of the material, demonstrating the objectivity of your approach to the studied phenomena. Course work must be written in a scientific language with the following requirements: Thoughts must be stated clearly, consistently, and concretely. Every new thought should start with a new… Read more Term paper examples

Term paper example

Writing a term paper is an integral part of studying at a higher or secondary specialized educational institution. Both freshmen and senior students perform such projects. The subject of a term paper is essential. Usually, research is done on specialized subjects. Such research helps to understand and assimilate the material. In order to well or… Read more Term paper example

Term paper definition

The main part of the term paper consists of chapters with paragraphs or sections without paragraphs. The selection of more than three chapters is not recommended. There can not be chapters consisting of one paragraph. Each chapter deals with the independent question of the problem under study. Each of the paragraphs should end with brief… Read more Term paper definition